• Public and Private Collection Advisory

    Suzanne's approach to collecting combines a honed eye for the strongest artworks, market expertise and cultivated sense of the longevity and appreciation of artists and their works, and a network of the most historically relevant artists, galleries, and collections. 

    We seek out artworks that are visually stimulating to the client and have market potential, catering to the client's budget, aesthetic, collecting goals and long-term vision. We build the provenance and value of artworks acquired for clients by facilitating loans to museum exhibitions. We also advise and manage the de-accession of artworks through auction and private sales along with charitable gifts. In addition to providing curation and buying expertise, our team also manage collections. Services offered include advice on insurance, appraisal valuations, storage solutions, collection database system, museum loans along with estate, tax and philanthropic planning. We collaborate with top experts in each of these areas to provide the most comprehensive bespoke service.

  • Artist, Estate and Foundation Advisory

    It is of the utmost importance to uphold the relationship between the artist’s wishes or that of their foundation or estate with the ever changing nature of the art world.

    We focus on the artist or foundation’s long term goals along with the aim of deepening the public’s understanding of the work while building value. We strengthen relationships to galleries, museums, philanthropic organizations, collectors and other artists. We also develop and maintain sustainable long-term plans. We work extensively on commissions, strategic planning, estate planning, exhibition development, publications and curatorial work.

  • Public Art Commissions

    Our approach to public art advisory considers the needs for both the location and client. We prioritize extensive research for each specific site and utilize the unique history of the location.

    In our recommendations of artists and artworks, we propose a diverse group of artists spanning generations, nationalities and mediums that reflect the image the client wants to project.. We are able to advise on the integration of vanguard art into indoor and outdoor public spaces that create an inspiring and exciting experience for viewership.